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SN Description Instructions Download Count
1 Mobile App for Electoral Roll Management Activity(ERMS) Concept Note in Hindi    43356
2 Mobile App for capturing the Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) at Polling Station - For Official use only Concept Note    14520
3 Mobile App for Polling Station Statistics (Booth Diary (Ver 1.21 release Date : 25/12/2016) )- For Official Use Only Concept Note in Hindi    3637
4 Mobile App for Law and Order monitoring during Assembly Election 2017 Concept Note      3376
5 Mobile App for Communication (mSAMVAAD) Concept Note    1110
6 Mobile App for MCC Monitoring Concept Note 493
7 mVoter - Election Services for Citizen Concept Note 5573

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  To Know Your Booth.
  To Apply online for Addition, Modification or Deletion of your name in Electoral Roll.
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